How Much Does Random Chance Account for a Writer’s Success?

Richard Levesque

800px-WeirdTalesv36n1pg045_Casino_SuicideI read a lot posts about marketing and selling books. For the most part, they say the same thing. To succeed, a writer (indie or otherwise) needs to:

  • Blog
  • Have a website or “landing page” for his/her book
  • Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  • Develop a “platform”
  • Build connections with a community of readers
  • Develop an email list/newsletter
  • Have an amazing book, a professional cover, and a catchy blurb
  • Make smart use of sales tactics like price points and free Kindle days
  • Never, never, never, never give up

I’ve been wondering, though, if one more thing shouldn’t be added to the list: To succeed, a writer needs to be really lucky.

I can hear the howls now: Luck has nothing to do with it! It’s all about talent and perseverance and building a community of readers…

True. It’s hard to imagine success without those things, but I still think…

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