My Favorite Bookstores

Richard Levesque

Given the choice between a neat bookstore with all the shelves perfectly arranged and a disordered bookstore where the books are stacked 2 deep on the shelves, I’ll take the messy store any day.

Of course, I’m talking about used bookstores here. Any new bookstore that’s a complete mess wouldn’t be worth my time. But a used bookstore with some books stacked on their sides and others arranged in something that used to be a sense of order…that’s the kind of place I enjoy wandering around in. They’re a dying breed, of course, like record stores, but they can still be found here and there.

A messy bookstore is one where treasures may be found, books that the proprietor might not even remember having put on the shelves years before. It’s maybe misplaced or hidden behind another book, and it’s just waiting to be discovered, usually at a bargain price.

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