Charting Out Chivas USA’s Diversity, 2005-2014


Before the Chivas branding machine leaves us once and for all , I decided to take one last look at the national representation of each of Chivas USA’s rosters ranging from our inaugural season in 2005 to our upcoming squad in 2014. Was our club really that Mexican to begin with? Outsiders might be surprised.

The charts are bit jumbled and I really, really, really would’ve liked to have placed the original, interactive, and much cooler version of the pie chart, but considering it’s incompatible with WordPress, I don’t have that luxury. You’ll instead find the charts individually listed below. Keep in mind the 2014 data takes into account all trialists and doesn’t include any unknown signings that may occur later in the season.

Also, the data only includes players that played in that given year. If they were on the field for at least a minute, they’re taken into…

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