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Hive Systems is an interesting Dutch startup that is building software for simulating and controlling networks of interactive devices.  I met their team after I presented at the GlowNext Symposium in Eindhoven (November 2013).  Quoting their site:

HiveKit is a set of tools for designing, simulating, prototyping and deploying complex behaviors for networks of interactive devices. It offers designers an intuitive graphical interface, which allows them to use cutting-edge algorithms without requiring cutting-edge programming skills. It also shortens the development time from weeks to hours and allows creation of systems that work without complicated and expensive infrastructure.

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Various kinds of devices can act as the metaphorical “bees” programmed by HiveKit. Each such “bee”, also called a “node” in a HiveKit network, can be allowed to “look” at its surroundings using “sensors”, for example sensing distance to the nearest object, level of light or touch of a person. It…

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