Slope Analysis


Steepest Paths down a Topography with Aggregate Runoff

Tracing the steepest slopes over a topography has a common mapping exercise within Landscape Urbanism practices (and one which has been used productively by our students at EPFL). It makes for a good scripting exercise because there is really no good way to do it on the canvas alone (hoopsnake notwithstanding) and it demonstrates the power of iteration and simple loop controls.

Over the last few years I’ve written and rewritten a couple of different versions in Grasshopper for various purposes. Finally, while I decided to make a complete, robust definition while feeling my way around ghPython. The ability to create custom classes in python and to exchange them between Grasshopper script components allowed a more elegant solution to a couple of things I’d wanted to add in to the standard slope definition. Most significantly, I wanted to be able…

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