African-inspired Paprika Chicken

Chameleon Kitchen


This recipe actually calls for way more paprika than I used, but even still it was intense, and delicious, and the color of the oil that it left on pans and dishes reminded me of my study-abroad days. This recipe originally came from Rice and Wheat, and it ended up like this:

Marinate chicken pieces (I used a bunch of drumsticks, but they said they just cut up a whole chicken) overnight in:
– Red pepper flakes (they said chili, but I still don’t have any)
– Garlic
– Shallot
– Paprika
– Cloves (they said 5-spice, but I didn’t have that, and I think cloves are one of the five spices?)
– Salt
– Pepper

Make the sauce:
– Heat a bunch of coconut oil in a pan (Ok – they actually say vegetable oil, but I really don’t understand this [aside from maybe that’s what’s traditionally used…

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