Book Review: “The Buy Side” by Turney Duff

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9780385360258_p0_v2_s260x420 Just finished “The Buy Side” by Turney Duff. This relevant and inspirational story earned the title of “Amazon’s 2013 Best Book of the Year.”

The true story of Turney Duff, an ordinary kid from Maine who moves to the big apple to start a career on Wall Street. Turney meets characters who represent a Wall Street culture of alpha males. He begins his career as a sales assistant and quickly learns what life as the new guy entails. He experiences first hand the testosterone filled, trial by fire that is Wall Street.

Turney longs to be a trader on “The Buy Side.”  On Wall Street, buyers are THE top dogs. “Sellers” line up to impress buyers in hopes of profitable future relationships. The lengths some sellers are willing to go to win influence can become legendary.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but after changing employers, Turney achieves his goal of becoming…

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