an Open letter to the ANC

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Dear ANC,

I am writing this letter to ask you to stop wasting our money. Yes- I said our money. You see, the government is supposed to collect tax to further the development of our wonderful country. Tax money is supposed to be used to better our country, thus you, our government, should act only as an agent, a trustee, of our money. We are the beneficiaries. Not one or two or three higher-ups in government.

We all know that apartheid made life difficult for a lot of people, this does not mean you, as ANC leaders, are allowed to do what you want and not be held accountable.

If you, the government, use the tax money to actually make progress and not digress, this country will soon be in a league of a lot of developed countries. People will be happier. Our GDP will improve. Our economy will boom…

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