Bakersfield Real Estate

BIC offers many ways to create passive income or cash flow in increments as low as $10 on real estate and notes in regular accounts, your new Self Directed IRA or a solo 401k. We also help you compound your interest daily or monthly to make your portfolio grow about 1.45 times as fast averaged over 10 years. The average net annual return on notes is 23.7% including losses. Bakersfield real estate averaged 11-15% in instant equity, 11-21% in net cash flow, and 23-29% in appreciation. That’s a 57% return on Bakersfield real estate in 2013. Overall, all the members made 33% in 2013, with a guarantee of principle, and a minimum return of 15%. This year we’re estimating our overall return to be about 30% plus or minus.
​ BIC Real Estate Development Corporation buys the best income opportunities and makes it easy for members to actively participate by…

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