Investment tips for Japanese investors looking to venture into the profitable US Stock and Real Estate markets

IAM Group LTD Japan

The world is quickly becoming a global village and Japanese investors can nowadays invest in the lucrative US stock or real estate markets. Financial analysts recommend that if you are planning to venture into long-term investments then American Stocks are the best bet available, this country enjoys political stability and a diverse economy that makes its financial sector quite stable compared to other countries.

Japanese entrepreneurs can secure their future today by investing 70-90% of their resources in shares. The International Association of Movers or IAM Group Yokohama has been active in this budding Asian country since 1962, they promote growth and overall success of members by providing relevant programs, resources and networking opportunities for members to enhance their business portfolio, even in foreign countries such as the United States.

The supply and demand of USA DOW, NASDAQ and NYSE

To increase your chances of making profits in this industry…

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